Tummy Tuck

An abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” tightens the abdominal muscles and removes excess tissue and sagging skin from the abdomen. Many women opt for this procedure after they have children and their skin has been overstretched. Another reason would be because of a significant weight loss (excess tissue will still be present).
Summit Plastic Surgery Fort Wayne offers different options for tummy tucks depending on how much excess tissue that you may need removed. 

Love the doctor and his nurses.  They made me feel very comfortable.

Megan 03/12/19

Before and After Pictures

33 year old
5′ 3″
140 lb
Abdominoplasty (“Tummy tuck”)
Liposuction abdomen/flanks.
5 months post-op

58 year old
5′ 6″
170 lbs
10 months post-op

61 year old
5′ 4″
170 lbs
2.5 months post-op

38 year old
6 months post-op

31 year old
7 months post-op

37 year old
5 months post-op

35 year old
5′ 2″
117 lbs
5 months post-op

48 year old
2 months post-op

Common Questions

How do I know if I need a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) vs liposuction?
If you have loose skin and/or your abdomen is protruding you might be a candidate for a tummy tuck. The ideal candidate is within ten to fifteen pounds of their desired body weight. If you are at your desired weight and have a small area of fat then liposuction might be the procedure for you.

Where are the scars?
The scar runs from hip bone to hip bone down through the pubic area. The scars will be red/pink for a few months, then start to fade.

How much time will I need off work?
The doctors usually suggest two to four weeks, depending on the type of work you do.

Is this covered by my insurance?
Most insurance companies do not cover a tummy tuck as a medically necessary procedure.

What will my restrictions be?
You will be up walking short distances the evening of surgery. You will be walking slightly bent over for one to two weeks until the swelling goes down. You will probably have drains in for the first week or so, and you will be wearing a compression garment for four to six weeks after surgery.

Do I have to go to a hospital for surgery?
No, the surgery is done at Southwest Surgical Suites, a highly accredited surgery center partially owned by physicians and Lutheran Hospital. You will need a driver to take you home, and you will need someone to stay with you for at least the first twenty four hours.

How will I be able to sleep?
You will have to sleep on your back with your knees elevated for a few weeks.

How long will the results last?
The results should be long lasting unless you have a significant weight gain or get pregnant. That would cause the skin to stretch, as well as possibly stretch the abdominal muscle again.

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