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Breast Reduction

A breast reduction reduces the size of the breasts. There are emotional,psychological, or purely cosmetic reasons for wanting this surgery.Discuss with your Summit Plastic Surgery surgeon the desired size that you want to achieve.A breast reduction will change the volume and shape of the breast and may change the size of the areola. After having a breast reduction,many women state that they wished they had done it years ago.The length of the surgery will vary between 3-5 hours.

When I decided to have my surgery, I was very nervous. From the initial phone call and through all my appointments, everyone made me feel at ease. You have a great staff. Thank you all!

Celeste / 03.07.2016

Breast Reduction: Common Questions

Will insurance cover this procedure?
Insurance carriers are looking for conservative treatment of your symptoms that have failed before they will authorize coverage of the breast reduction surgery. Please contact your insurance company to find out what conservative treatment they require.

If I lose weight after a breast reduction surgery will it affect my breasts?
Yes, your breasts will change with any weight gain or loss. It would be best if you were close to your goal weight before having the surgery.

What size breasts can I expect to have?
Your physician will try to create breasts that are in better proportion to your body. The procedure will lift the breasts back to their natural location.

Can I still breast feed?
After the breast reduction surgery you may not be able to breast feed. Pregnancy and breast feeding would make your breasts enlarge and possibly stretch the skin again.

Do you have to remove the nipples?
The surgeon will be removing skin and fat, and then reposition the nipple/areola complex. If your breasts are very, very large this complex might have to be removed, repositioned, and then reattached. This would definitely decrease sensation and the ability to breast feed. This happens with extremely large breasts only, and your surgeon will inform you if this might be of any importance in your particular surgery.

Will a breast reduction relieve my back pain?
Yes, you may notice less back pain as soon as the evening of surgery. You will also notice less neck pain as well as improved rashes under your breasts. Besides relieving your symptoms, your clothes will fit better, you should feel more like exercising, and you should feel better about yourself overall.

How long will I be in the hospital?
The “BBR” surgery is outpatient either at Southwest Surgical Suites, a full accredited center, or a hospital depending on your insurance coverage. You would still go home a couple of hours after the surgery.

When can I go back to work?
The doctors recommend two to three weeks after surgery depending on the type of work you do. You would not be able to lift anything heavy or do repetitious arm movements for a period of two to three weeks after surgery.

When can I exercise?
You will be up walking short distances the day of surgery. It will be as many as six weeks after surgery when you can do light exercising, as well as other normal activities.

Where will the incisions be?
The incision will be like an anchor, around the areola, down the front of the breast from the areola to the crease under the breast, and in the crease under the breast the full width of the breast. The incisions are red for awhile, but eventually fade.

How will I sleep after this procedure?
You will be placed in a surgical bra much like a sports bra after your surgery. You will keep this on all the time until your first post op appointment in about one week. You will need to sleep on your back for the first few weeks to protect the incisions and avoid scarring.

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